• Virgil Lampton’s paintings combine the tradition of American western landscape with abstract expressionism.  While his technical father could be considered Willem de Kooning, Lampton’s work derives its theme from the stormy seascapes of Turner.  Lampton’s landscapes, therefore, educed from the effects of atmosphere and weather.  In his work, reflected light plays tricks within the landscape.  The viewer sees the substance of the landscape, which are at once both tangible and a stormy ocean where hills undulate like waves and vibrate with the colors of the sea.  This repetition of large forms erupting in rhythmical motions gives the feeling of nature performing its dance of life and death.  Virgil Lampton’s work has been exhibited in galleries nationally.  Perhaps best known for his impressionistic landscapes, Lampton also does pure abstract exercises in color and composition.  He works in the media of drawing, painting, graphics, ceramics and sculpture.
    Ernest Goldstein, New York, NY
  • I am interested in wind and rain, in the effect of weather on the landscape.  There is a seascape quality to my work that comes from seeing through the filter of wind, rain or snow.
    Virgil D. Lampton, Claremore, OK